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Many homeowners wanted their own home pool. It is really nice to have your own private swimming pool that you can dive in anytime you want. The fresh clean feel of the waters at the privacy of your own home is such a bliss. We are one of the best local swimming pool builder in Houston texas and we can help you get an idea of what design and type of pool you can install. 

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Getting Ready to Build a Swimming Pool at Home

The basics in preparing to build a swimming pool within a residential area needs to be loud and clear for every home owner who wants it. Finding a swimming pool builder in Houston Texas like US is a good start and our staff are very good at what they do! We will help you out in the swimming pool design if you have no idea yet of what type of pool you wish to have. There are several types of swimming pool designs that you can choose from. These vary in sizes too. A rectangular pool would look great should your area is very big because it will accommodate vast area of your land. Some would choose an oval or round type design to give it a different look and there is also the infinite shape of a pool that gives a fun and free spirit type of touch.

When planning to build a swimming pool, choosing between saltwater or chlorine comes to mind. One must also take in consideration about in-ground saltwater pool maintenance in Houston TX as well. Through this, a good perspective of the expenses becomes more realistic and clearer to you. It is not a secret that in-ground pools are more high-end and more expensive to build compared to the above ground, thus, we advise that you have your materials ordered ahead of time since some materials are not very easy to acquire. Some get on a wait list before the supplies arrive.

In-ground swimming pools, according to a pool service in Houston TX, are classified into three types: concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. You get to choose which of the three you prefer since they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you wish to use concrete, which is widely used back in the days because it is more durable and versatile, the concrete type of pool base has a gunite finish which makes the cement last longer. Gunite is a mixture of cement, water, and sand which is applied using a pressure hose to the base shell creating a hard dense layer of concrete to serve as the swimming pool lining. This is the most popular type of pool however, it is also the most difficult to build and it takes a lot of time too. But despite that it might strike your budget on costs, it is guaranteed to last for a very long time.

Using vinyl as the pool lining of the steel frame is also a good choice. It is quite as versatile as concrete but it needs extra care as to not puncture the lining where it starts to get ripped. However, it is easier to install than concrete and more affordable too.

Lastly is fiberglass. It is a prefabricated swimming pool shell, very easy to install, and cheapest when compared to the first two options. It is much stronger than vinyl but is not very flexible.

Pool Cost

Home Pool Cost

Normally, when swimming pools are built in-ground, the prices are expected to be higher than above ground types. This is due to the fact that the preparation for the swimming pool site takes time and the materials needed are expensive as well. The cheapest cost could vary for around $25,000 for a vinyl lining to around $31,000 for a fiberglass frame to around $50,000 for a concrete frame in-ground swimming pool.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Salinity Test

Saltwater swimming pools are known to have lower maintenance and it is one of its advantages. Saltwater swimming pools virtually clean themselves and does not require a lot of attention compared to regular pools that use chlorine to clean up the water. Chlorine generators convert salt into chlorine, therefore there is no need to keep a constant check on the water salinity for saltwater pools.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

Most people who own a swimming pool would save on effort of maintaining it by hiring a pool service company. However, it may become expensive to maintain a pool as things that you need to consider too are the electric bill for the pumps, the heater and others that may cost around $100 per month. It is also possible that you may spend thousands of dollars to repair cracks or leaks if they arise.

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