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Saltwater Pool is the Growing Trend Today

How exactly does saltwater pools work?

This is done by converting salt to chlorine by the use of an electrolytic converter.

 This process create the same type of bacteria-killing chlorine that is found in a normal pool, but in a very different fashion. Because the salt generator adds chlorine to the water at a regular rate, it can displace the bad odor and burning irritation that is normally associate with chlorine and helps to maintain the right amount at all times.

 As the water exits from the converter and goes in the pool, the sanitizing chlorine eventually reverts back to salt. The process simply repeats each time thus conserving salt and keeping sanitizer levels balanced. Be reminded that new salt is needed to be added on the event that salt levels drop due to splash-outs, rains, and filter back-washing. It is best that a weekly test for pH and chlorine and monthly for other water balance factors should be done by pool owners.

 Saltwater pools need very less maintenance when compared to traditional pools and are not very expensive to maintain as well because pool salt is much cheaper than traditional chlorine.

 This is a great reason why a lot of water parks and hotels in the United State have already changed from traditional pool to saltwater pool. In addition, the initial installation and pool construction, together with the additional cost of an electrolytic converter is far more affordable and easily made up in maintenance savings. The converting of an existing chlorine pool to saltwater pool can be easily paid off.

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